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The gritty Cityscapes by San Franciscan Jeremy Mann prove that genius CAN be achieved with a palette knife.

#Genius - @bandofskulls sleeve art created by converting the #Himalayan sound wave into a 3D print #NowPlaying

From a Cessna, German photographer Klaus Leidorf captures some hypnotically graphic and abstract aerial shots

Project Horn Please - an amazing documentary and website dedicated to the wonderful world of Indian Truck Art

Zurich based photographer Daniel Boschung shoots portraits at 900 megapixels for his Face Cartography series.

Unbelievable: Pepsi Max augmented reality bus shelter on New Oxford Street, London. #LiveForNow

Stunning set of abstract aerial landscapes from New York based photographer Zack Seckler

Beautifully graceful garments…made of stone, by Edinburgh based sculptor Alasdair Thomson @amoedimburgo

Amazing: Marco Casino’s online short Staff Riding, about the widespread train surfing culture in South Africa.

Phenomenally fast graffiti skills from Greek street artist iNO captured in the Turbo Fatcap video.

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